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Since childhood music has permeated every aspect of Kris Ward’s life. In 7th grade he formed his first band as a bassist, and he’s been writing music ever since, honing his craft through a variety of projects with an rotating cast of supporting musicians. Kris’s numerous bands have ranged in genre from post-rock to metalcore, but his most successful project was the pop-punk band The Light Up Scene. The Light Up Scene played shows around the midwest for nearly two years and put out a consistent stream of recorded material for a sizable fan base, even tracking EP’s with members of pop punk heavyweights A Day to Remember and Every Avenue.

In his earliest recording experiences Kris captured sound through a laptop placed in the middle of a practice space, but the need for quality demos in a professional band lead him to pursue the equipment and skills that would ignite a passion for producing. Through The Light Up Scene’s relentless practicing and recording, Kris was able to grow as a vocalist, songwriter, and musician, and when the band collapsed due to internal tensions and the members’ impending high school graduations, Kris immediately began writing music of his own.

After high school Kris attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as an education major, intending to study towards becoming a chemistry teacher while pursuing music on the side. After trying to start a band and finding no common ground with the surrounding community, it didn’t take him much time to realize this was the wrong direction. Kris found almost no one he could connect with on a personal or musical level and felt unfulfilled by his classwork and the path his life was going down.

Yet still he wrote constantly, channeling his frustrations into songs that were entirely his own, both musically and emotionally. As a result, songs that were once intended to be material for a full band evolved into Kris’s solo project. Soon Kris fully embraced the creative freedom this newfound independence granted him, writing and recording guitar, bass, keys, drums, and vocals by himself in his dorm room, or traveling back to Illinois on weekends to record at his home studio. His dedication to recording lead him to apply to Berklee School of Music, and after an audition on bass he was accepted to pursue a degree in production and songwritng.

The culmination of Kris’s trials and efforts is ‘A Decision’. Five songs inspired by the desperation of regret and the hope for a better future. These songs are the soundtrack to the long, silent train rides from Milwaukee to Chicago. Musically these tracks are the sum of Kris’s considerable songwriting experience and a result of his diverse influences, merging the raw aggression of post-hardcore and punk with a keen sense of melody and ambience that could only come from his appreciation of pop-punk and post-rock. From reflections on lost friends and broken relationships to forlorn contemplation and ambitious dreaming, this EP runs the gamut of Kris’s emotions throughout the past year and paints a picture of a nineteen year old who feels trapped, but remains hopeful through the support of his ever-faithful friends and loved ones. Under the moniker Lacuna—meaning a gap or missing part—Kris is releasing ‘A Decision’ as his first official solo release and his first release on Airspace Records.

‘A Decision’ is available for $4.00 that’s less than a latte, less than lunch, less than a video game, less than a night at the movies, less than a t-shirt, and less than a beer. Help keep music alive. A portion of the profits from the sale of the album will go to a charitable organization supporting music, musicians, and music education.

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