Introducing Airspace Records


The Airspace is getting into music, and we’re taking it seriously. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to providing the best and most relevant content in culture, technology, and scholarship. A massive component of the coverage we do is dedicated to music and the community that fosters the musicians, engineers, and producers behind the sound. This is not a reflection of our specific interests. It’s a reflection of the orientation of culture—the tendencies of human nature.

As an independent online publication, it was a logical next step to start working with the musicians we were covering. Today, we’re launching Airspace Records, our independent music label under The Airspace.

Rock stars in mansions are no longer the backbone of musical endeavor. In the last 15 years, the world has experienced an independent musical renaissance that challenges our definitions of sound, melody, genre, lyricism, and storytelling. The population has access to the universal tools needed to create, record, produce, and distribute music. The result has been a waterfall of musical risks: some astounding successes, others glorious failures. Airspace Records intends to seek out the individuals who take those risks, triumphant or tragic, in a bold attempt to create something new and unheard. We work individually with our artists to help them find their unique voice and provide them industry standard services while respecting their musical integrity and vision.

We take great care to select artists who are committed to their sound and innovative in their technique. The music that will overtake the world forty years from now is being conceived today. Airspace Records stands on the precipice of musical discovery, and we look for artists who are ready to take the plunge.

We believe musicians should be properly compensated for their work. If nobody pays to support great music today, there will be no great music tomorrow. Airspace Records takes on the financial burdens of a traditional label. Through distribution optimization we can pass the savings benefits to our customers and keep low prices, while still supporting the artists and the label.

The Airspace believes in the power and influence of digital distribution; therefore, Airspace Records will follow in kind. All our artists’ music will be sold and distributed online. Without concern for producing CDs or other outmoded physical media, we can focus on keeping costs low and making music accessible to all people. With the savings in time and resources, we can create beautiful products listeners can identify with. For select albums, we will press limited edition vinyl recordings. The vinyl medium and the caliber of our artists will create an authentic and personal listening experience.

We’ve also created a series called Airspace Sessions, where we invite musicians to the Airspace Studio and record a sampling of their music. Through sound and video recording, we can provide an intimate experience with the musician or group to all our readers. These sessions will be available for purchase using a “pay what you like” model, with the intention of supporting access to music first. All proceeds go to supporting the artist, the label, and the education of future musicians. The first of these sessions was recorded with musician Charles Wynne of Sorry, Charlie.

We take care of our artists. They receive fair shares of revenue from album sales, and the majority of funds Airspace Records receives are reinvested in recording, marketing, and distribution for current artists in addition to inviting new artists to the label.

Airspace Records is resigned to protecting and ensuring the livelihood of music, musicians, and music education. We are committed to donating a portion of all Airspace Record’s profits to charitable organizations which support music. This is a difficult decision for any company to make, but it reflects a standard for the appreciation of music we hold ourselves to.

Music is a far-reaching language with the power to melt hearts, raise mountains, and inspire happiness upon the simple utterance of notes, the vibration of air, from sonic ether. With the same dedication, rigor, and quality The Airspace demands of articles published, Airspace Records will fight to capture and promote the essential music of this generation and of those to come. We have new stories to tell if you’re ready to listen.

Blake J. Graham
The Airspace