Everybody’s Twerkin’ for the Weekend: The Harlem Shake and Trap Music

For a few months, the an ultra-rad future-crunk type of music called “trap” has been working its way through the underground scene, but an ancient dance move, spring-break style baditude, and YouTube might just break trap into the mainstream music scene.

Trap music has been turned into a meme by ways of the “Harlem Shake.” The meme has a simple formula: roll the camera, put on an insane mask, play Baauer’s song “Harlem Shake,” slightly dance by yourself while everyone else in the room acts like you don’t exist, when the bass drops cut to everybody in the room dancing like mad-folk in states of partial dress. Foolproof, yeah?

If that wasn’t clear, the lovely people at Know Your Meme have their own description:

These videos tend to initially show a lone masked individual dancing while others around him show indifference to the act, before cutting quickly to a scene of everyone doing assorted viral dance crazes once the song’s chorus starts. These typically include dances such as the Bernie, twerking, krumping, and several other forms of stereotypical urban dance.

Baauer is a Brooklyn-based EDM musician who has been turning heads as of late by making trap music. Trap is characterized by snare-rolls, hi-hats, southern rap samples, and filthy bass drops.

If dubstep came first, trap will likely come next.

There are already tons of spin-off videos with well over a million views in total. But for the sake of education, the original iterations of the Harlem Shake are embedded below.

The geniuses who started it all

The brave men who set the formula

Internet glory is a siren call for adolescent folk.

From bedroom to boardroom. They made co-working spaces for a reason.

Dry cleaning has been a sexy business for a very long time.

The people at College Humor decided to do it themselves

Buzzfeed responded to CH’s call for a “Shake Off”

Ultimately, Snoopy knows what’s good

You can listen to all of Baauer’s track on SoundCloud

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