Tumblr Illustrates Hilarious Tweets to @MittRomney

With over 600k followers, Rob Delaney (@robdelaney) is one of Twitters comedic celebrities, and one of his most popular running jokes involves tweets at Mitt Romney (@mittromney) with absurd statements/questions. Now the internet, in its infinite glory/humor, has paired those tweets with illustrator Josh Mecouch (@pants) to form an absurdly beautiful tumblr blog called Mitt & Rob.

The concept is simple enough: take Rob Delaney’s imagined scenarios and conversations with Mitt Romney and see how it plays out in cartoon-style. Delaney’s caricatured self is always based on his avatar, which is him standing in a Speedo—hairy body for all to see—while Mitt is almost always in his white shirt and red tie. This combination inserted into the projections of Rob Delaney’s off-kilter mind, along with a healthy dose of imagination from Josh Mecouch (his twitter handle is @pants, which is hilarious enough) results in an enjoyable mix of ludicrous comedy and political commentary.

Below, a selection of the Mitt and Rob illustrations, beginning with the first and most weirdly accurate of them all.

These on Mitt and Rob’s special, fictious friendship:

And lastly, one tweet on the Romney campaigns purchasing of a national trending topic on Twitter. Romney has already had a tenuous relationship with Twitter, coming under criticism when he mysteriously gained 141,000 followers in a span of two days. As The Atlantic points out, it’s not known whether Mitt bought these followers, or someone else did to make him look bad, but it is clear that these are/were paid-for bot accounts. Either way, it is certain that during the peak of the Republican National Convention, “#RomneyRyan2012″ was advertised nationally, a move that is totally valid but often seen as “astro-turfing”—that is, creating artificial grassroots support.

You can find/follow the tumblr here. And as a reminder: the Airspace is also on tumblr. Find it here.

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