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WIn Your Favorite TV Show

To be great is no small feat; to be the greatest is near impossible. Very few will argue when somebody declares some thing as “good.” It’s a casual word that holds little weight. But, greatness exists in its own category.

There have been handfuls of quality television shows in the last twenty years, but certain shows will always float to the top. While there may be disagreement (and there always is disagreement), there seems to be no question that the best shows are Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Wire. I found, however, that when I asserted these four shows as being the best (and by a wide margin) others relentlessly, viciously, and threateningly disagreed. Once the interlocutors put down their knives and took off their brass knuckles, I felt it was safe to ask what television show might be their favorite.

The disagreement comes as no surprise: taste is subjective, but so personal that it appears to individuals as objective truth. Television is both intimate and universal, and as a consequence people become attached to certain shows or characters with exceptional ferocity. Nobody likes to see their favorite show disparaged; they feel a personal obligation to it. When I claimed the top four shows (and selected Battlestar Galactica as the greatest), people immediately levied irrational, melodramatic critiques of a show they ostensibly would enjoy. To them, it’s okay for me to say Battlestar Galactica is “great,” but to call it the “greatest” is villainous. Why? Because to raise my show to the top is to lower theirs a rung—an act of interpersonal aggression.

In the spirit of such debate, The Airspace has decided to give away your favorite television show.

Update: Entries are now closed. Feel free to comment and voice your opinion, though.

Here’s how it works:

First, ‘like’ The Airspace’s page on Facebook or follow The Airspace on Twitter.

Then you can leave a comment (login with the Facebook or Twitter account you used previously) on this article containing three important bits of information: Your favorite television show, your favorite season of that show, and why your show is the greatest.

It’s pretty simple. Entries will be closed on Tuesday night, after which we will randomly select a winner (or winners) and send their favorite season of the greatest television show their way.

Notes about the giveaway: 1. We love comments, but leaving more than one does not increase your chances of winning. 2. To keep track of entries, you must use the same account to comment as you did to like or follow The Airspace. 3. If you work for The Airspace, you cannot win the giveaway, but you can still voice your opinion. 4. If the number of comments is astronomically high, we will increase the number of giveaways. We want everybody to win. 5. Winners will be selected at random, but comments that don’t meet the three requirements of show, season, and reason will be discounted. So, make your comment count. 6. All entries must be made before 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, February 21. 7. We will only ship to the United States.

  • RichieSledz

    Arrested Development. Season 2. It’s really funny.

  • HannaCrooks

    Community. Season 2. It’s not afraid to take risks and rarely (if ever) falls flat when it does. And it has Abed.

    • Blake J. Graham

      @HannaCrooks Any writer (or viewer) can learn a lot from all the storytelling techniques they employ. I always have enough trust in the show itself that I’d follow every episode down its own rabbit hole. The expositions are particularly good.

  • kjordan31

    Arrested Development, Season 3. Why? Mr. F and For British Eyes Only

    • AlwaysLOST108

      @kjordan31 Arrested Development is my favorite comedy. Are you excited for the movie?

      • kjordan31

        @AlwaysLOST108 ABSOLUTELY. I heard rumors about a season 4 before the movie comes out. That would be awesome.

  • d_bastidas

    The Walking Dead because zombies

  • NathanClemente

    Community, Season 2. The wittiest show on TV right now, with some of the greatest characters and funniest lines. Very clever, and one of my favorite comedies.

  • Reddit

    Entourage, Season 6. This season takes a turn in the show: a more mature side of the boys emerge, which proves to be rather interesting based off of the actions they answer their problems with. It hit a pivotal part of my life, so it means a lot more than just a show to me, because I could relate.

  • shoebsadiq

    Community, Season 1. The writing was very well-done with a very good cast and it was a type of meta-humor that really wasn’t present before.

  • annedreshfield

    Mad Men Season 4, because watching Don Draper unravel was just delicious.

  • marinafang

    The West Wing, Season 2. This is when the show really hit its stride with consistently good episodes every week and of course, pure gems like In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Noel, and Two Cathedrals, containing some of the sharpest writing, most honest acting, and most moving moments you’ve ever seen on television, guaranteed. Yes, it’s a show about politics, but it’s also a show about humanity, and that really shines through in Season 2.

  • Jon Catlin

    Modern Family, Season 1. Because America is a pluralistic society! For once, a show doesn’t have a demographic and the humor can shine for what it is.

    • Blake J. Graham

      @Jon Catlin Season one was lighthearted and sweet, but by season three their ability to end all arguments with hugs has turned them from modern to supernatural. I’ve been growing bored as each confrontation leads directly to a comedic bit, not to a situation bearing consequences outside each episode’s twenty-four minute window.

  • ptrosso

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 6. Sweet Dee’s dancing in “The Gang Gets a Boat” is to die for.

  • James D. Pietrarosso

    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 6. Sweet Dee’s dancing in “The Gang Gets a Boat” is to die for.

  • Eric Harsh

    Season 1 of Game of Thrones. Because fantasy is always better with incest.

    • Blake J. Graham

      @Eric Harsh books vs. show? George R. R. Martin vs. J. R. R. Tolkien? One middle name vs. two middle names?

  • ChristianMc

    Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 3. Yes, I am the only one that listed a children’s cartoon as their favorite show so far. Yes, I realize there may be some shame to be had on my part. No, I do not have any. It’s a beautifully made cartoon, and the last book has some of my favorite action from the entire plotline.

  • AlexQuattrocchi

    BSG forever

    • Blake J. Graham

      @AlexQuattrocchi which season and why? (some are better than others.)

  • Boom

    Season 7 How I Met Your Mother hilariousness in a bottle.

  • MikeCygan

    the wire season two because it is

  • ShanuVrda

    Suits, season 1. No TV show has managed to produce such a combination of drama, humor, and witty remarks. Harvey Specter is THE character to be on TV. The show has developed a fervent audience to say the least.

    • Blake J. Graham

      @ShanuVrda I’ve never seen the show but I have encountered its fans—they are very committed. Good pick.


    Louie Season 1: unique and original comic voice with full control over an entire half hour leads to some of the most hilarious and moving TV ever made (ok it’d actually be season 2 but that DVD/blu-ray doesn’t exist yet) (and also breaking bad or the wire or twin peaks or community or party down or the shield or… are arguably more spectacular, but I own those)

    • Blake J. Graham

      @BIGANDER Louis CK will go to the end of the earth to follow through on a bit (helicopter in the pilot, the water jug, etc.). Louie is the best comedy on TV, and Louis CK fills in the role of “Philosopher-Comic,” a term I have just coined. It took time for him to arrive (years of stand-up, motorcycle accidents, writing for conan, overtaken movies, half-baked TV shows) but boy, he has arrived.

  • SaraCrook

    umm Parks and Rec season 1 because it’s always been better than any other NBC Thursday night television show

  • GenoGagliarducci

    Archer season 2 because Netflix doesn’t keep up on good shows and has left me to hang after season one….

    • Blake J. Graham

      @GenoGagliarducci Archer has insane momentum that has been building since the middle of season two. I thought the show would only be a fad, but Adam Reed proved me wrong. Oh, and so many Arrested Development voices.

  • CaitlynSchultz

    Parks and Rec season 3 because the characters are all completely ridiculous and different from eachother which makes for an extremely hilarious show. ALSO this season contains the episode “The Fight” which has Ron Swanson all silly and drunkity drunk drunk.

  • Tony Russo

    The Wire. Season 4. Who doesn’t love a gritty examination of inner city schools from one of this century’s most compelling television shows? Also, Method Man.

  • NathanFedorchak

    Friday Night Lights. Season 3 is probably the best. It’s such a fantastic show for so many reasons, starting with the fact that, unlike other shows about high school life (like say, Degrassi or The O.C.), I felt like FNL did an excellent job of showing what high school life is like, and how everyone doesn’t have the same story. They really did an excellent job tapping into the problems of life in a small town and how sometimes that environment can feel more suffocating than that of a big city. Also, the way family life is portrayed in Friday Night Lights is incredible, with a wide array of family types being shown, and none of them being shown as right or perfect. And then there’s the football. While the accuracy (and coaching decisions made by Eric Taylor) may be questionable, the football portrayed in the show provides a dramatic set-piece that everything can revolve around and converge on. Not many other shows have this, or at the very least not many other shows do it effectively. The character development over a 5 season arc is superb, and the writers (largely) resisted the urge to follow characters after they graduated and moved on, which is admirable as it makes way for new characters (who I will say were introduced and incorporated into the story very deftly). Also, “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.”

  • Livefyre

    @blakegraham Looks like you’ve got it rolling pretty well Blake, starting to show off the comment “gun show” over there ;)

  • RyanGriffin

    Doctor Who Series 3 because David Tennant really takes over the role of the Doctor and has some stunning performances throughout the season. This season features Martha as the Doctor’s companion, and she is a great counter balance for the Doctor and plays her part quite well. This season also brought back some of the Doctor’s old enemies like the Daleks and even the Master, but in turn also

  • RyanGriffin

    Doctor Who Series 3 because David Tennant really takes over the role of the Doctor and has some stunning performances throughout the season. This season features Martha as the Doctor’s companion, and she is a great counter balance for the Doctor and plays her part quite well. This season also brought back some of the Doctor’s old enemies like the Daleks and even the Master, but in turn also introduced one of the creepiest creatures to ever star in the show, the Weeping Angels, in what is considered one of the best Doctor Who episodes to date, Blink.

  • davidmantelman

    the league season 2 it is almost as good as season one, but even more inappropriate. Also, there are way more episodes. Im still on the quest to see Blake J. Grahams vinegar strokes.

  • traviscannon319

    Scrubs Season 3. Michael J. Fox/ Roof Toilet and best of all “My Screwup” This is one of the greatest shows on TV. Dr. Jan Itor and Dr. Ackula, Rowdy, Turner and Hooch, and all the Dr. Cox rants. It was well cast and well written. I cant believe Bill Lawrence went on to Cougar Town

  • PeteySuechting

    you definitely got it right with battlestar galactica, although i think starbuck is just too unattractive to be as sexual as she is portrayed which really bothers me. but then there’s duala…just, damn.

    • PeteySuechting

      also, my favorite season is obviously season 1. and i like battlestar galactica not just because duala is hot, i think it’s also a really good show. mad men is boring

  • ConorMccormickKelch

    The season finale for Lost’s first season (“Exodus Parts 1 and 2″) was beyond incredible. It managed to provide one of the biggest cliffhangers in television history when the show still had everyone on the edge of their couch. Not to mention it showed just how much these characters had changed each other and made a great statement about the way we interact with people on a daily basis. At any one moment someone can change your life. It wrapped up the metaphor of lost perfectly before the show began to lose its momentum. Also, the first two seasons of Community are golden. The paintball episode is one of the funniest half hours of television ever. Also, “The Contest” episode of Seinfeld, the “City on the Edge of Forever” episode of Star Trek, and “The Suitcase” episode of Mad Men.

    • Blake J. Graham

      @ConorMccormickKelch During the second season of Lost, I felt as if i was being dragged through mollasses by the collar bone. I simply couldn’t get past the third episode. That being said, I totally enjoyed season one.

      “The Suitcase” was an a-rhythmic masterpiece perfectly placed within the season.

      • Blake J. Graham

        @ConorMccormickKelch okay, it was neither a masterpiece nor perfect.

    • Tony Russo

      @ConorMccormickKelch My lost journey started with the final two episodes (though I did watch the pilot when it first aired). It was so beautiful an episode that I was inspired to watch the rest.

  • marinafang

    All this talk of Mad Men makes me anxious for its return. Can’t wait until March 25! Hoping for more episodes as perfect as “The Suitcase”.

    • Blake J. Graham

      @marinafang Cheers to that.

  • ChanceWilliams

    Archer Season 3….as I am in the same boat as Mr. Gagliarducci…I have no way of seeing what happens and this saddens me

  • EricNielsen

    Season 4 of Dexter was the best season I have ever watched, other than the stellar character development (concerning Dexter and his past) it starts to show that he may be human after all. The twist at the end was great, kind of foreshadowed, but the ties in the themes with Harrison and Dexter now are great.

    • Blake J. Graham

      @EricNielsen how do you feel about the more recent seasons?

      • EricNielsen

        @Blake J. Graham Season 5 definitely dipped down quality wise due to the wrap up from the plot line in season 4. But, I liked season 6 a lot as well, the ending was more foreshadowed in 6 than 4, but it was overall solid. Nothing will ever give me the chills like the ending of season 4 though

    • AlwaysLOST108

      @EricNielsen Season 4 was the first season of Dexter I watched, and I loved it. Did they get an entire new writing staff for season 5?

      • EricNielsen

        @AlwaysLOST108 I don’t think so, I just felt like they needed to wrap up after something so great as season 4. They could have almost stopped making the show after this season because of the cycle they created with Harrison and Dexter. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did season 6 after the disappointing season 5.

  • nmaher13

    Rocket Power, Season 1, the character development in the season was impeccable, and the way Sam stood out while at the same time fit in with those woogity-ing bros was flawless.

  • EmmaFontaine

    Tricky question, I am a huge fan of Lost, The West Wing, and Madmen but you were correct in naming BSG as the greatest show of all time. The best season has to be the second. The plot is introduced, we know the characters and now its time for things to get interesting. BSG was simply profound and presented question to the viewers about ethics, religion and what it meant to be human.

    • AlwaysLOST108

      @EmmaFontaine Which BSG are we talking about here?

      • EmmaFontaine

        @AlwaysLOST108 Battlestar Galatica

        • AlwaysLOST108

          @EmmaFontaine @AlwaysLOST108 The original or Ronald D. Moore’s?

        • EmmaFontaine

          @AlwaysLOST108 Moore’s! Its epic!

  • margaretkirby

    24. Season 2. By far the best Palmer storyline, Nina’s return was unexpected, the Warner family, Tony and Michelle, Mason, etc etc.

  • maggierhoda

    1. Parks and Recreation, season 3 is my favorite. this show is the greatest because Aziz Ansari is the funniest man under age 30.

  • VinnyVeschi

    Big Bang Theory, Season 3, because nerds are normal too.

  • charliethethird

    Lost, season 6: Because I have never cried so hard in my entire life as I did during the finale. I cared more about those characters than I liked to admit, and even though the plot lines throughout the series were often disconnected and all over the place, the character development carried the series until the very end. I miss it terribly :(

    • EmmaFontaine

      @charliethethird sniff sniff, me too. there is a whole in my heart that hasn’t been filled since the end of lost.

  • WesHoward

    I’d like very much to say Firefly, because it is a masterpiece of character development, plot, and pace, and fan love. Battlestar Galactica, for the record, is also a spectacular show. However, if I’m being totally honest, my favorite show ever is an anime program called Trigun, featuring the voice talents of Johhny Young Bosch, among others. There is only 1 season of this show, as with many anime programs, consisting of 26 episodes. This is my favorite show because it seamlessly combines elements of suspense, mystery, action, music, and most importantly emotion using an unconventional medium. I have no reason to feel such strong emotion about a television show, but it makes me care about the characters as much as I would about real people. Perhaps its most important feature is that it achieves all of this while still being fast-paced and incredibly entertaining.

  • Pontoon_Panasy

    Afro Samurai: Season One. Although this show only has a single season, I believe that it accomplishes much in a sparse episodes. The sense of a journey, motivated by a single goal, helps to drive the main character towards his fate. This sense of drive helps to keep the increasing resistance that Afro encounters exciting and novel, without becoming too over-the-top. The visual style of this show is tremendous, for in a world of bland anime, Afro Samurai truly distinguishes itself with an intense, but not overwhelming style. This anime series is second-to-none, for its visual style, epic scope, and driving narrative force.

    Also, titty sprinkles.

  • AlwaysLOST108

    LOST is the greatest piece of fiction ever presented on television. Period.

    • Eric Harsh

      @AlwaysLOST108 As someone who stuck through every season, I concur.

  • ScottJackson

    Seinfeld. Changed the face of comedy, and generally enhanced everyone’s television watching experience

    • ScottJackson

      Season 9 is the best, because that is the last season, and it contains the finale, which is arguably the best episode(s) ever

  • DaveThomas

    BSG was good, but its pale in comparison with LOST.

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