‘The New iPad’ Announcement

Everything you need to know about “The New iPad”

The new iPad is available to purchase in stores next week, but you can pre-order it now. It is slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2 but in an almost imperceptible way. The new iPad has an extremely high definition “retina” display with so many pixels per square inch (more than your HD TV at home), it looks like a “glowing piece of paper” (Joshua Topolsky). It supports 4G LTE from Verizon and AT&T, meaning you will spend less time downloading; the cameras are improved; and it has a faster processor.

To give you an idea of how crisp the new display is, The Verge brought a macro lens to the event.

The new iPad is on the left, the iPad 2 on the right. You can see, at the pixel level, how much more distinct and clear the Retina Display is.

Apple took the best tablet on the market and made it even better. While there is no standout “wow” factor, It’s still leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Should you upgrade or buy in

If you currently have an iPad or iPad two and read off it more than eight hours weekly, you could use to upgrade. The retina display is awesome for visuals, but where it really stands out is with text. Upgrade and your eyes will thank you. If you’re new to tablets and you can afford the $499 point-of-entry, go for it. For $399, Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2.

AT&T or Verizon for 4G LTE

Going 4G LTE and can’t decide between Verizon and AT&T? It heavily depends on how you plan to use it.

  • If AT&T is strong where you live and you don’t plan on traveling a lot, they will give you better speeds.
  • If you travel a lot, Verizon has better coverage throughout the US.
  • If you’re in an area that doesn’t have 4G LTE, AT&T’s HSPA+ 3G will be much faster than Verizon’s EV-DO.
  • If you’re constantly connected to WiFi, don’t go 4G LTE. Save the $130 and buy yourself, or your loved ones something pretty, like a giraffe or kayak.

The plans are as follows:

1GB $20. Go over: $20 per 1GB
2GB $30. Go over: $10 per 1GB
5GB $50. Go over: $10 per 1GB
10GB $80. Go over: $10 per 1GB

250MB $14.99. Go over: $14.99 per 250MB
3GB $30. Go over: $10 per 1GB
5GB $50. Go over: $10 per 1GB

Letting go of your iPad 2

Finally, if you’re looking to dump your old iPad 2 on a worthy new owner to offset the cost of “the new iPad,” first start with your friends. Ask if any of them want to buy it. If you have a 16 GB Wifi only version, you can likely fetch up to $350 if you move right now. Add $50 for every upgrade in storage and another $40 if it’s 3G capable (e.g. 32 GB with 3G: $440). Sell it to your friends for less, though. The processing and hassle of the other methods will easily eat up that money or your time.

If your friends don’t bite, RadioShack has trade-in offers. This is the easiest as you can just walk into a RadioShack, get your money and run.

Amazon also has a trade-in program. You give them an iPad and they will give you store credit. The rates aren’t bad and Amazon credit can get you nearly anything.

If you’re really looking to make some money, eBay is probably your best bet. Rates always fluctuate, especially with the new iPad coming out next week, but you can probably find somebody willing to overpay for your obsolete piece of Apple-tech. Mind you, shipping, auctioning, and PayPal-ing are all efforts you have to put in.

There are a couple of other trade-in programs hardly worth mentioning. But if the worst comes, you can always recycle your iPad with Apple in exchange for an Apple gift card. A 16 GB Wifi only iPad 2 in near-perfect condition will fetch you $270.

Live Blog from the Event

Speculation is running high! At 1:00 PM Eastern (10:00 am Pacific), the Apple even will kick off and we will cover it all.

The liveblog software went wonky. So were only going to publish the most important parts. Prepare your finger over refresh (F5).

Thanks to Gdgt for all the images. They are the best live-bloggers out there.

2:22 EST
Tim: It’s the privilege of a lifetime for me to work with the most innovative people on Earth. Only Apple can deliver this kind of innovation in such a beautiful, integrated, and easy to use way. It’s what we love to do, it’s what we stand for.

That’s it.

2:22 EST
Is it seriously called “the new iPad.” Like, “Hey man, do you have the new iPad?” “Nah brah, I’ve got ‘the new iPad.” “tight.”

2:21 EST
The iPad 2 will stay in production and will start at $399 (that’s $100 less).

2:19 EST
Clarification: It has quad-core graphics, but only a dual-core CPU.

2:18 EST
Demo Video: The retina display was made with mostly tron light-cycles and ancient Egyptian witchcraft.

2:12 EST
BOO! iPhoto for iPad costs $4.99. You now have to pay for the good stuff.

2:12 EST
Feeling magnanimous? Use iPhoto to show the world all the great things you did in Thailand. Your friends will be disgusted with their own laziness and lack of heart.

2:09 EST
The brushes fold out of a carrousel like real brushes would (should?)—could.

2:07 EST
iPhoto for iPad will make your time at the beach look so totally awesome. Your friends will likely wallow in shame and awe.

2:05 EST
Due to “the new iPad’s” crazy ripped processor, iPhoto can handle multi image comparisons for images up to 19mb. Ergo, serious digital photographers might just want to use this. In light of Adobe’s photoshop plans for iPad, this bodes well.

2:01 EST
BOOM! iPhoto for iPad aka real news. Guess what? They say it’s amazing, and I believe them!

1:58 EST
Updates to iMovie for iOS as well. I mean you’ve got that badass 1080p camera, might as well be able to make everything on the iPad.

1:56 EST
New updates to iWork (pages, numbers, keynote). The iPad isn’t all fun and games. GarageBand will continue to help non-musicians sound slightly musical.

1:53 EST
“This new device has more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or PS3,” says Mike Capp of Epic Games. “It also is an iPad with no controller,” says Blake.

1:52 EST
Epic yet again proves that the Infinity Blade series is the only one that takes advantage of the iPad’s graphics. More explosions, bigger monsters, and three times the swords!

1:50 EST
You can draw pictures with you meaty hands like cavemen!

1:45 EST
For those who like math, 72Mbps of data will blow through your 3GB data plan in 6 minutes.

1:43 EST
“The new iPad” now supports games with airplanes.

1:40 EST
Starts at $499 and pre-orders start today. Yippee!…

1:38 EST
In spite of all the new voodoo magic on the device, It evidently will give the same amount of battery life as the old iPad 2 (10 hours). And it’ll cost the same amount of money.

1:34 EST
The 4G LTE Takeaway: less buffering. It’s stuffed full of wireless bands.

1:33 EST
4G LTE! Speeds up to 72Mbps on LTE, 42Mbps on HSDPA.

1:33 EST
Fourth major new feature: voice dictation. Press a button and boss your iPad around.

1:31 EST
Hey now, the new iPad has the same camera as the iPhone 4 now. Auto-exposure, Auto-face detection, AF-lock, AND 1080p video recording. Though, you will still look like a fool recording video on an iPad.

1:29 EST
In order to power the ridiculously large screen, they needed a banshee of a processor. Meet the A5X, which is quad-core.

1:25 EST
To helo you understand the pixel jargon, that’s significantly more than you 1080p TV at home. Around 264 pixels per inch.

1:23 EST
The New iPad (looks just like the old iPad) but has a Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 pixels.

1:21 EST
Tim: There are at least 200 billion people using iPads today. We have over 100 “competitors.” But everybody knows the iPad is the favorite.

1:18 EST
Tim: iPads! They’re EVERYWHERE!

1:16 EST
New Apple TV available next week for $99.
Now it’s time to talk iPad.

1:15 EST
New Apple TV loves iCloud (DUH!) and supports Photo Stream. Take a picture on your iPhone, and it’ll appear on your TV. (read: no sexting.)

1:11 EST
New Apple TV: supports 1080p video and has a streamlined interface. Also: not an actual TV.

1:07 EST
Tim is going on about how awesome Siri is, and how she’s now going to make an appearance in Japan. Why? Because she’s an international jet-setter with a heart of gold.

1:02 EST
Tim Cook is onstage and talking about the iPod, iPhone, and iPad as the three revolutionary devices that defined their own categories.

12:58 EST
Event starts in 2 min

  • nouseforaKRIS

    @blakegraham I love that

  • Tony Russo

    Blake do you have a general review of Cook’s presentation?

    • http://theairspace.net/ Blake J. Graham

       @Tony Russo you know, it wasn’t really a Cook-note. Phil Schiller did most of the iPad and iOS presentation. Other CEOs did the app demos. Cook stuck to the numbers, which makes sense because he is the mathematical business genius—I seriously cannot stress this enough, Apple would not be worth close to the half a trillion it is without Cook. I’m also obsessed with his cool drawl and solid-as-a-rock composure. I would follow him into the dark; I just hope Apple doesn’t have to.

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