Singer Jonny Craig’s Heroin Addiction Exposed

Best known as the vocalist and frontman for notable Rise Records acts Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa, singer Jonny Craig has become notorious for his train wreck of a personal life that often overshadows his considerable talent. His first big scandal came when he fraudulently received money from a fan for a used MacBook that never actually existed. When the incident hit the web, rumors immediately surfaced that Craig had been scamming fans for drug money. These rumors were apparently confirmed when Craig was arrested for possession in October of 2011. Craig entered court-ordered rehab shortly thereafter, and Dance Gavin Dance put all tours on hold.

Despite these considerable setbacks, Dance Gavin Dance seemed to be on the up and up in 2012: they booked a cross-country tour starting in February that put to rest rumors that they were no longer able to continue as a band due to Craig’s contraversies. Things looked like they were shaping up for the troubled singer, but such was not the case. Today an anonymous blog posted a stupendous amount of insider information regarding Craig’s whereabouts and drug use, and things are looking grim for the future of the enigmatic vocalist.

The source claimed to have provided large sums of money to support Craig while he spiraled out of control into a lifestyle of homelessness and drug abuse. According to the source, Craig was put up in a hotel by the members of Dance Gavin Dance, but his heroin habit continued to interfere with their recording and friendships despite the money and support given to him through his struggles.

The source spent thousands of dollars on paying for flights for Craig, meals, living, and other arrangements. The source tried multiple times to get Craig help, but Craig always neglected and continued using drugs.

Craig also made multiple jokes about scamming fans out of money for things like food and cell phone bills in order to buy drugs.
When asking about being paid back, Craig told the source that he would be paid via Craig’s royalty earnings. Craig went as far to set up a fake email address from his ex-manager trying to prove to the source that he would be paid back. The source found the manager’s real email address and the manager had no idea of the situation or Craig’s location.

When the source tried to fly Craig back out, Craig claimed he missed a flight due to being in a car crash with his mother. When the source contacted Craig’s mother, she said that she had no idea of the situation or Craig’s location.

After Craig was released from jail he was given the option to have parole for a year in addition to taking drug classes and weekly drug tests. Craig had until last week to comply to the court order, but failed to meet it. Will Swan from Dance Gavin Dance confirmed this to the source.

Craig is now in Canada. The source has stated that Craig’s ex-manager confirmed a warrant out for Craig’s arrest and believes he may never return to the United States due to facing jail time.


The blog posted videos and photos of Craig using or strung out on heroin that seemed to corroborate this sad story. The blog and videos where taken down swiftly, but video stills have begun to once again surface on the internet. Alternative Press was able to get in contact with the anonymous informer, who supplied more details about Craig’s disintegration. According to this interview, Craig came high to Dance Gavin Dance recording sessions and was unable to perform due to his habit. He was apparently unable to hold a job, and lived mostly off the generosity of his friends and bandmates. The blogger claims to have posted the information out of frustration and a sense of responsibility to warn others of Craig’s scams and money laundering.

Dance Gavin Dance have issued a statement that seemed to lend credibility to these unsubstantiated posts while being careful not to comment on the specifics of Craig’s situation.

As some of you have heard today, Jonny Craig will not be doing the upcoming tour with Dance Gavin Dance. Jonny is very sick right now, and needs to do what he can to get better. Being on the road is no place for someone in his position right now. He needs to focus on fixing himself. He has NOT been kicked out of Dance Gavin Dance, but we cannot tour with him in the current state he is in. We still want to continue being productive and playing music that we have so much passion for, which is why we decided to continue with the tour without Jonny. We love Jonny and we hope that Jonny can do what he can to get better, because we have done everything that we can to try to get him clean.

For this upcoming tour with A Lot Like Birds, we will be joined by Kurt Travis and Matt Geise to fill in on vocals. We will be doing something that we’ve never done before, and thats preforming songs from all 4 full-lengths. For the time being, keep your eyes peeled and your ears piqued for new Secret Band music! See you all out on the road and make sure to come up and say hi to us at the merch table!


The announcement that Kurt Travis would be temporarily taking over vocal duties came as a huge surprise to Dance Gavin Dance fans. A vocalist who replaced Craig in Dance Gavin Dance for several years when Jonny had previously been removed from the band for drug related issues, Travis was booted in favor of Craig’s return and had since taken over singing duties for progressive hardcore act A Lot Like Birds. Without a permanent replacement, the future of Dance Gavin Dance is seriously in question.

This development is a sad turn for the life of a tortured talent. Although official representatives for Rise Records and Jonny Craig have yet to issue an official response to the blog, the state of Dance Gavin Dance seems to substantiate the disturbing claims. The situation is a dire one for fans of Craig’s music, and the community is already responding in either disgust or pity. Although the future of his music has yet to be determined, it is safe to say that listeners will have to rely on his back catalog for the time being. Fans of music everywhere are praying that Craig makes a full recovery and continues to make beautiful music.

Update 2/12/12:

Jonny Craig has made his first personal statement since the news of his tragic downturn hit the web. Unfortunately no specifics were stated, just a couple brief posts on his Facebook account apparently confirming the fears held by many fans. Under The Gun reports:

Earlier tonight, Jonny took to this personal Facebook to announce he is moving on in life. In a status update, Craig wrote:

Im no longer gonna be making music. i wont change my mind so just leave me alone. i give up.

This status was followed just a few minutes later with the update:


Although these updates seemed to coincide with the startling reports that surfaced earlier, Craig was quick to turn the tables, apparently trying to play off his series of recent disasters as some sort of hoax. Yet with Dance Gavin Dance confirming that he is not healthy enough to tour, can Craig’s word be trusted? At approximately 11:40 PM, Craig posted:

Im just playing around hahaha i wanted to see how fast the shit would be posted on all the sites hahahaha OF course im not quitting music im recording new songs a few demos this week hopfully. I guess im also looking for a new manager since mine wont get back to me. so anyone interested listen to my new stuff ill be putting out and lets get to work.

Only time will tell what Jonny Craig’s future holds.


Under The Gun Review
Property of Zack
Alternative Press
C.S Meltzer

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