The iPhone 5 Announcement

We’ve come to expect it on a yearly cycle and 2012 is no different. Today marks Apple, Inc’s announcement of a new iPhone to add to the pantheon of smartphones. The rumors have been churning about for the last couple of months. Case makers leaked a concept build showing a taller version of the iPhone 4/4S design with a mini dock connector. But even if these leaks are accurate, they tell little about what might be going on inside the device. More RAM, faster processor, an improved name, Near-Field Communication chip, or hidden updates to iOS 6 could be in store. Or maybe Apple has other tricks to show. Maybe they will debut the long rumored iPad Mini.

To ensure you are the first to know, The Airspace will be live updating this page with the details from the event held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Live updates begin at 1:00 PM ET on Wednesday September 12
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2:59 PM ET

That is all.

2:43 PM ET

The Foo Fighters are playing. Because… you know… music or something…

Dave Grohl everybody.

2:40 PM ET

TC is doing a recap.

2:35 PM ET

Talking about speakers… and the old classic earbuds. New headphones are called “EarPods” (lolwut?).

They’re a standalone accessory starting shipments today. And they will be included with new nano, touch, and iPhone 5.

Slightly alien looking.

2:31 PM ET

iPod touch has an iSight camera with 5 MP. There’s a hidden button for a loop (wrist strap) so you don’t let it drop. Seems a lot like they’re going after the camera market here. Siri is on the Touch, Airplay mirroring.

Comes in five different colors.

Out in October. $299 for 32 GB.

2:23 PM ET

iPod touch time: hugely popular for games as well as music. New version is only 6.1 mm thin and weighs 88 grams. Same 4″ display as on the iPhone 5. A5 chip. This is a huge upgrade in performance (7x) but only because the touch hadn’t been updated in so long. Comes in black and white. Battery: 40 hours music, 8 for video.

2:18 PM ET

Talking about the new Nano. There have been 6 generations of it and they want to spice things up a bit. It’s 50% thinner than the previous Nano, and has a 2.5″ multitouch display. Has a home button. Comes in 7 colors. Has a pedometer built in as well as bluetooth (good for connecting wirelessly to car stereos).

2:15 PM ET

New iTunes available in October (strange). Time to talk iPod.

2:07 PM ET

New version of iTunes with iCloud built in. Looks pretty swank. Takes a lot of design hints from iOS. Maybe it’s faster too. It has these collapsable folders for albums. Still probably won’t use iTunes to organize music. Spotify and Rdio, right? RIGHT?

2:06 PM ET

iOS iTunes updates. New looks for each store: App, Books, Tunes. It has Facebook like integration, so that’s fun.

2:02 PM ET

Tim wants to talk about music because “music is in our DNA.” And so they’re announcing iPod and iTunes changes.

2:01 PM ET

iPhone 5 starts at $199 for 16 GB. From there it’s $299 for 32 GB and $399 for 64 GB on a two-year contract.
Will start shipping September 21 Preorders start September 14.

iOS 6 upgrades start September 19.

1:52 PM ET

iPhone 5 comes in black and white.

1:51 PM ET

Siri enhancements:she’ll give you sports scores, movie info, showtimes, etc. nothing quite new here.

Direct app integration. Tell her to tweet etc.

This is really slow moving. Come on Apple, where’s the bomb?

1:47 PM ET

They’re going over iOS 6 features. VIP in mail. iCloud tabs. Passbook. Etc.

1:44 PM ET

Maps, Maps, Maps. Same as in the current dev build of iOS 6. Same as we saw at WWDC. 3D mode gives great views.

1:42 PM ET

Now onto iOS 6, which I’ve been using for a couple months now. They better have some good surprises because what I’ve been using is no hot picnic (assuming hot picnics are good). Scott Forstall is up with a demo.

1:39 PM ET

The connector: It’s called lightning. (yup, thunderbolt and lightning). It’s all digital, 9-signal and 80 % smaller. 30 pin problems? They made an adapter. Hooray.

1:37 PM ET

Front facing camera is HD. The device has three microphones. And speakers have 5 magnetic transducers in them (previously three). Wideband Audio.

1:34 PM ET

Crazy new panorama setting (other apps do this). Create a massive 28 MP image in no time at all. Even if you take a non-linear path to make the image, it’ll mostly figure it out.

1:33 PM ET

Camera gets an upgrade. 8 MP with five-element lens. Good for low light. f/2.4 aperture. All sorts of good things. Tack these physical bits on top of a powerful processor and you get best image stabilization, and noise reduction, and fast image capture.

Here’s a sample photo.

1:30 PM ET

Phil is back and says they’ve exceeded 4S battery life. Which I really hope to be true. Because it’s already abysmal.

1:27 PM ET

Rob Murray from EA games is on stage talking about console level graphics. Luckily for them the consoles are seven years old. But still. Hooray! Tiny Wings will never look so good. It needs tons of shaders…

The classic demo is racing games. Unfortunately nobody but product demoers play racing games.

1:25 PM ET

This phone will probably have the WORST battery life ever. Let’s see if they address that.

They’ve included the Apple custom A6 chip meaning 2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics while being 20% smaller. Can it file my taxes and whisper sweet nothings in my ear? We will find out.

1:22 PM ET

Okay they’re tossing in “Ultrafast Wireless” meaning HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, and LTE all on one chip. So yep, it’s an LTE phone. Who’s giving coverage in the US? Sprint, AT&T, Verizon.

1:20 PM ET

Schiller is talking to Devs about how easy it is to update their apps. The phone looks just as expected. A 5th row of icons isn’t a game changer. Let’s see what else they’ve got. They also jumped right into it, which means it can’t be their big reveal for the day. That or their flair for theatre is gone.

1:14 PM ET

It’s an iPhone 5. BOOM! It looks just like the leaks from the past couple of weeks. It’s 20% lighter than the 4S. Has a retina display at 1136 x 640 giving it a 4″ display and space for 5 rows of icons. Evidently it’s a better looking display too with 44% more color saturation.

1:13 PM ET

Phil Schiller is on stage to talk about the iPhone. Cook said: “We’re taking it to the next level. Making a huge leap.”

1:12 PM ET

He’s still going on about how great Apple is. Le sigh. Here’s a soft light photo from right before the event.

1:10 PM ET

Tim Cook is known for his world class smiles…

1:08 PM ET

This is Cooks time to talk about how great the company is doing. Something we already know. But he does get to put numbers that quantify our assumptions about the company’s progress. Now he’s talking about the iPad and how many of those have been sold—17 million last quarter.

1:05 PM ET
“Our stores are the best on the planet, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH [sic]. We serve 83 million customers every quarter. Everyone wants to buy our stuff. We have a pet mountain lion who generates a lot of revenue. Our computers are #1 in the US for the last three months.” — T. Cook.

1:00 PM ET

Sorry guys, that was a horse NOT an iPhone. Tim Cook is on stage now telling us how great Apple is. They have stores in Barcelona, they spent two years building a store in there with a big glass staircase… Cook is showing a swank video on the matter.

1:00 PM ET

Artists rendering of the new iPhone. Thoughts?

12:57 PM ET

Three minutes away from set time. Biggest question: what will Obama’s and Romney’s stance be on the iPhone 5? Will every American get one or must we work for it?

12:52 PM ET

Less than 10 minutes from starting the event. I’d like to pronounce my personal bias of skepticism at the significance of today’s announcements. Everything Apple has been doing lately, while improving upon their best in class products, is really constrained to incremental updates, not the generation of any new technologies.

12:35 PM ET

Hello and welcome. We’re 25 minutes away from the beginning of the event. The event is being hosted at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which is known for bringing strange and exciting multimedia to the San Francisco area.

As a side note: most of our images today will come from Gdgt and The Verge

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