“I” Before “E” Except After “C”

The Alphabet doesn't even follow the rule

well, and except in

deify and xanthein and prescience and mercies and casein
and contingencies and accountancies and protein and atheist
and eight and intimacies and pharmacies and kakistocracies
and seignorial and fancies and edelweiss and deil and aquivalencies.


disseize, efficiency, fallacies, neighbor, their, heigh-ho
sovereign, species, gleization, reinforce, abortifacient, freight
idiocies, geitost, gesundheit, accuracies, vein, inveigle, counterfeit
omniscient, heifer, delinquencies, czarocracies, skein, weight, deign


meiosis, spontaneity,
policies, schlockmeister,
surfeit, fancier,
choccies, caffeine,
monteith, foreseeing,
infrequencies, conservancies,
emergencies, phenolphthalein,
inefficiencies, feint
seine, concierge,
codeine, canoeing,
reisolate, beige,
specie, concurrencies,

**sad trombone**

sleigh and safeish and weir and phthalein and reindustrialize
inconsistencies and sufficient and currencies and zeitgeist
inscient and seize and seismic and inaccuracies and supremacies
weigh and heinous and hacienda and agreeing and sleight
obeisance and kaleidoscope and reinvest and seidel and extravagancies
leitmotiv and greisen and fancied and financier and abbacies

Okay, seriously, why is this a rule…

This little sing-songy rhyme makes no sense. The English language is known for its treacherous phonetic terrain. No little ditty can contain its subtleties. They should have added some conditions to the song:

“I” before “e” except after “c,” unless in names or foreign-borrowed words, and don’t do it with plurals of words that end in -cy, and if it’s a word from the latin root “sci” just let it be, and really the whole “after c” bit only works with words from the latin root “cept.”*

But that doesn’t roll off the tongue. Maybe it’s better to send the kids back to recess without a strong command of the English language.

*Linguistic rules a la Arika Okrent, Mental Floss


geisha and onomatopoeia and
sensei and gneiss and
heist and deficient and
zootheism and eiderdown and
being and insufficient and
deity and greige

forfeit + frequencies + society + teiid + adhocracies
exigencies + scarabaeid + keister + Alzheimer’s + seiche + albeit
plebeian + therein + aberrancies + aristocracies + fahrenheit
magistracies + dreidel + reissue + efficient + foreign
surveillance + proficient + reindeer + competencies + veil
seizin + seeing + eider + ancient + absenteeism + cleidoic
stein + glacier + sheik + rein + agencies + conscience + feign


heir, consistencies, dreeing, atheism, democracies, pein, excellencies, ecstacies



well that was weird.


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Elliot is a sophomore at Harvard (or is it Yale… Go Huskies? jk you haven’t heard of his school), where he studies epistemology and the way spiders craft vainglorious webs over his bed. He is very thankful for the opportunity to work with The Airspace and greatly enjoys staring blankly at Blake’s mouth while he talks. You can follow him on twitter, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

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    Gee. Learning German gets my knickers in a twist sometimes, but thank God I don’t have to learn my way through that illogical mess.

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