Airspace Sessions: Sorry, Charlie

The Airspace Sessions aim to highlight up-and-coming musicians in the most authentic setting—music direct from the musician and their instrument, unfiltered. The Airspace will search out talent and post acoustic sets, videos, and interviews. High fidelity digital versions of the sessions are available for download. Meet the new generation of music-makers.

The musician Charles Wynne, the force behind Sorry, Charlie, is a singer-songwriter hailing from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He began playing guitar at 13 and writing songs at 16, and over the years has honed his craft while drawing influence from the likes of Bon Iver, Peter and the Wolf, and The Mountain Goats.

Now 19, Wynne plays a unique brand of emotional, genuine music that comes directly from his experiences. His lyrics narrate the journey of his life, providing honest reflection and poignant observation from the perspective of a young man on the verge of adulthood facing the daunting life choices that will define him while learning from his past. Carefully crafted melodies provide the platform for Wynne’s straightforward yet poetic lyricism, forming a whole that is at once blissfully minimalist and intriguingly complex.

The Airspace Session with Sorry, Charlie is available for download.

Sorry, Charlie‘s other recordings can be heard and downloaded on Bandcamp, and up to date information can be found on his Facebook page.

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