Whatever & Ever Today: Google Takes WiFi to the Sky, Bob Dylan’s Songs Mapped Out, & Canadian Money Smells Canadian

Google wants blimps to connect Asia and Africa, every location in Bob Dylan’s music gets mapped, and Canada’s new $100 bill smells like Maple Syrup.

Google To Add Wi-Fi to Emerging Markets

Though the company joked about using blimps for advertisements as an April Fool’s joke in 2011, Google is looking to give emerging markets access to the Internet using WiFi enabled high-altitude blimps and balloons, also called “High Altitude Platforms.” A small-scale trial is currently being used in Cape Town, South Africa but the plan is to create networks from Sub-Saharan Africa to Southeast Asia. If everything goes according to Google’s noble plan, the new infrastructure will connect millions to the Web (and result in major profits for the already insanely profitable company).

A Map of Bob Dylan Songs

In an exhaustingly extensive project, the folks at Slate have gone through Bob Dylan’s entire discography and put every location mentioned in his songs on one interactive map. The fantastic, albeit massive, collection will likely overwhelm the casual fan but be the coolest thing ever for the diehard listeners who even liked Dylan’s weird 80s period. Last week the prolific and iconic songwriter turned 72 and his breakthrough album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Canadians Hungry After Going To The Bank

Canada is known for its polite citizens, maple syrup, hockey, Mounties, and now its (alleged) crack-smoking mayors. In what’s probably the most stereotypically Canadian news story ever, the country’s newly issued plastic $100 bill smells exactly like maple syrup, causing concerned Canadians to write emails to the Bank of Canada expressing their thoughts. One reads, “They all have a scent which I’d say smells like maple? Please advise if this is normal?” while another writes, “The note … lost its maple smell, I strongly suggest the Bank increases the strength of the … maple smell.” Also, as Ned Hepburn of Death and Taxes Mag points out, there was a lot of maple syrup stolen in Canada last year because of course there was. Perhaps the thieves took a trip to the Royal Canadian Mint.

Whatever & Ever Today is written by Yung Humma super-fan Josh Terry

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