Whatever & Ever Today: MTV Is (Kind Of) Back, Kids Would Rather Read The Hunger Games, & More Dumb Rape Remarks From Elected Officials

MTV declares independence or something, kids hate reading at appropriate age levels, and another dumb comment about rape.

This is Vinny from Jersey Shore and The Show With Vinny. You will not see him on the Fourth of July.

MTV Will Play Music Again (But Only For 12 Hours)

The Fourth of July is approaching and people are already thinking about all the hotdogs, beer, and pie they will consume while watching fireworks and attending parades. But according to MTV, VH1, and CMT a crucial ingredient missing from Independence Day is a 12-hour slot of non-stop music videos. Dubbed “Music Independence Day,” MTV will attempt to free itself from the shackles of everyone saying, “Why doesn’t MTV play music videos anymore?”

Starting July 4th, MTV, VH1, and CMT will devote a 12-hour block of time from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. to music videos that promise to be “the ultimate party playlist for fans of pop, country, hip hop, indie and EDM.” While a nice gesture, it’s likely that viewers are just going to see when the latest offering of reality TV is available for shameless consumption after getting sick of seeing the edited music video of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

Credit: Stephanie Yao Long/The Oregonian

What Kids Are Reading

Millennials can’t catch a break from the mean old media. Millennials would rather just sit down with The Hunger Games after a long day of taking selfies, not getting jobs, and now not reading age appropriate literature. According to a report from NPR, “High-schoolers are reading books written for younger kids, and teachers aren’t assigning difficult classics as much as they once did.” In fact, kids are coming out and saying that they don’t appreciate “realism or historical fiction” but instead prefer sci-fi, fantasy, and horror books written for people younger than they are.

Renaissance Learning’s Eric Stickney found that “the complexity of texts students are being assigned to read has declined by about three grade levels over the past 100 years.” In 1989, the kids were assigned to read books by Charles Dickens, George Bernard Shaw, Edith Wharton, Sophocles, and the Bronte sisters. Now, their in-school reading lists include less complex and more contemporary works, like The Help and The Notebook—books kids actually got credit for reading in an actual school.

GOP Congressman Is A Legitimate Ape

Apparently Trent Franks, a GOP Representative from Arizona completely forgot about 2012 and the justified furor over Todd Akin’s misinformed “legitimate rape” comments, when he recently opened his mouth in public. His questionable comments came in a House Judiciary meeting to defend his anti-choice proposal to ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy—in contrast to the 24 week precedent established by the Supreme Court. In an attempt to justify not exempting rape or incest, he said, “The incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low.”.

Well, that’s just not true. For one, experts agree that rape does not lower the chances of getting pregnant. Furthermore, a 1996 study from American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology states [more than 30,000 pregnancies result from rape every year in the U.S. Hopefully next time around, Arizonans will vote someone into office who can use Google to see if the things they are spewing actually ring true.

Whatever & Ever Today is written by deft punk Josh Terry

  • Common Sense Conservative

    First of all the 24 week precedent established in Roe v Wade was substitued for a “balancing interests” test in Planned Parenthood of Southern Pennsylvania v Casey (1992), secondly, Trent Franks did not say, nor was he implying, rape lowered the incidence of pregnancy vs consensual sex. And this “Google” you refer to says that rape results in pregnancy 3-5% of the time, a rate any sane person would refer to as “low”, and that estimate is from a 2005 study as opposed to the 1996 study you cited. Furthermore a study from 1998 showed that of the 25,000 pregnancies which resulted from rape that year, 22,000 of them could have been prevented by seeking medical treatment. All of this is of course beside the point because attempting to lower the fetus killing time frame is hardly an “anti choice” measure. Before you come back with 32.4% don;t know they are pregnant until the second trimester, that is not a counter argument. Because someone is too irresponsible to take a pregnancy test for 16 weeks after a traumatic event is no excuse to keep the limit the same as it is. Of course rape is a tragedy, but refusing to seek medical treatment or take a pregnancy test until after 20 weeks is inexcusable. But of course, since this is a liberal blog site, you choose to only look for those statistics that agree with your point, even though, on further review, THEY DON’T EVEN AGREE WITH YOUR VIEWPOINT. Also, read an entire line of Supreme Court cases before you incorrectly cite past precedent. Lastly, stop referring to people who don’t believe it’s moral to kill a fetus as “anti choice”, they deserve the title of “pro-life”much more than right-to-kill-a-fetus advocates deserve the moniker “pro-choice”. Sources below.

    “A 2005 study placed the rape-related pregnancy rate at around 3–5%.[10] Physician Felicia H. Stewart and economist James Trussell estimated that the 333,000 assaults and rapes reported in the US in 1998 caused about 25,000 pregnancies, and up to 22,000 of those pregnancies could have been prevented by prompt medical treatment, such as emergency contraception.[11]

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